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Series 1         University of Florida. Dept. of Medicine.
Series 1b Chairman Celebration, May 3, 2003

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Agency note: The University of Florida College of Medicine opened officially for students in the fall of 1956. The first Dean of the College, Dr. George T. Harrell, was hired in 1954 and shortly after began to hire faculty. The first hire for the Department of Medicine was Department Chairman Dr. Samuel Martin. Dr. Martin later became provost of the Health Science Center. In May, 2003 6 of the 7 chairs gathered for a ceremony honoring their contributions. 

Chairmen of Department:
Samuel Martin 1956-64
Richard Schmidt 1964-65
William Thomas 1965-66
Leighton Cluff 1966-76
James McGuigan 1976-97
Philip Toskes 1997-2002
Edward Block 2002-

Contents note: Photographs and material from the celebration honoring former and current chairs of the department of medicine.