Manuscript Collection 8- Hugh Hill Papers

Manuscript Collection 8:  Hugh Hill

Physical Description:  7 Boxes (2.898 Linear Feet)

Biographical Note: In 1957, Dr. Hugh Hill moved from the North Carolina School of Medicine to the University of Florida to take the position of professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  Having received his B.S. degree from Davidson School in Davidson North Carolina and completing an internship, assistant residency and residency at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Hill was indeed an eligible candidate for this position.  After his arrival at the University of Florida, Dr. Hill, affectionately called “Smiley” by most, was instantly accepted and he quickly began to impact the lives of his colleagues and students.  In 1969, Dr. Hill was the first professor to receive the Hippocratic Award.  This award was bestowed upon the professor that the students felt had most enriched their minds and who had displayed excellence in their field.  Indeed, Dr. Hill’s influence continued to be far reaching and he was honored with the receipt of the Hippocratic Award 3 more times during his tenure at the University of Florida.  In addition to his responsibilities as professor of OB-GYN, Dr. Hill served as the Associate Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs. 

Contents Note:  This collection contains Dr. Hugh M. Hill’s correspondence and notes.

Box 1
Hill Correspondence, A .
Hill Correspondence, B,
Hill Correspondence, C, D
Hill Correspondence, E-F
Hill Correspondence, G-H
Hill Correspondence, I-J
Hill Correspondence, K-L
Hill Correspondence, M, Mc, N
Hill Correspondence, O, P, Q, R
Hill Correspondence, S, T, U

Box 2
Hill Correspondence, V, W, X, Y, Z
Personal Correspondence
1979 Correspondence
1979 Correspondence, Folder 2
1980 Correspondence
1981 Correspondence

Box 3
1982 Correspondence
1983 Correspondence
1984 Correspondence
1984 Correspondence, Folder 2 Box 4
December, 1987-March 1990 Correspondence
December, 1987-March 1990 Correspondence, Folder 2
December 1987-March 1990 Correspondence Folder 3
April 2, 1990-December 31, 1991 Correspondence
April 2, 1990-December 31, 1991 Correspondence Folder 2

Box 5
Correspondence 1993
Correspondence 1994
Correspondence 1995
Correspondence, July 1996-June 1999, A,B
Correspondence, July 1996-June 1999, C,D,E
Correspondence, July 1996-June 1999, F,G,H
Correspondence, July 1996-June 1999, I,J,K,L
Correspondence, July 1996-June 1999, M,Mc,N,O
Correspondence, July 1996-June 1999, P,Q,R
Correspondence, July 1996-June 1999, S,T,V
Correspondence, July 1996-June 1999, W,X,Y,Z 

Box 6
103rd AAMC Annual Meetin:  Health Care Reform:  Academic Mission and Public Need, November 6-12, 1992
AAMC Medical School Dean’s Letter
AAMC Publications
Academic Staff Listing
Alpha Omega Alpha:  Beta Chapter
American Medical Association
American Medical Student Association
Bylaws of the Medical Staff of the Florida Surgical Center
Candidates for the Wall of Fame, 1999
Clinic Cancellations
Curriculum Committee
Graduate Questionnaires
Health Care Issue 1990 Conference
Hugh “Smiley” Hill Masks
Journal Club
LCME Accreditation Survey Visit Box 7
MD/DMD Program in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
30th Medical Alumni Reunion, 1990
Medical H.E.L.P. Program for Dyslexic Doctors
Medical Selection Committee
Post-Baccalaureate Program, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Residency Matches
Shands at AGH/UF Medical Staff Bylaws
Shergold, Craig-Children’s Make a Wish Foundation
South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
“University of Florida College of Medicine” by Drs. Robert Watson and Larry Rooks
Winter Medical Update Seminar and Ski, 6th Annual, March 6-13, 1993
Winter Medical Update and Ski, 7th Annual