Manuscript collection 3- Maren papers

Manuscript Collection # 3                   Thomas H. Maren Papers

Physical Description:   33.9 linear feet  (77 boxes)

Arrangement Notes:  Collection is mostly arranged according to research interests, experiments and notes, many of the research files also contain correspondence with pharmaceutical companies.  There are, additionally, separate correspondence and patent correspondence files.

Biography: Dr. Thomas H. Maren, born 1918, died August 16, 1999, was the first chairman of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Florida.  He came to UF in 1955, shortly before the first medical school class entered the University of Florida College of Medicine.  He remained chairman until 1978, and he continued to work as a graduate research professor until his death on August 15, 1999.  Dr. Maren was a devoted scientist and teacher who was known for his love of both science and the humanities.Dr. Maren attended Princeton University and earned a degree in chemistry in 1938.  He took a job at Wallace Laboratory, but soon returned to Princeton to earn a Ph.D. in English literature.  However, during World War II, Dr. Maren was recruited to study anti-parasitic agents at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.  There, he met E.K. Marshall, chair of pharmacology, who convinced him to explore pharmacology and selected him for a pilot program that sent basic scientists to medical school.  He graduated from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1950.  Dr. Maren then returned to industry at the chemotherapy division of the American Cyanamid Company, where he began studying carbonic anhydrase and its inhibitors.  His early work contributed to the first effective oral diuretic, Diamox (acetazolamide), a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, which also happened to lower intraocular pressure.After coming to UF, Dr. Maren continued his work on carbonic anhydrase.     Dr. Maren also conducted research in comparative physiology at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory on the Maine Coast.  He studied carbonic anhydrase and other methods of acid secretion and bicarbonate resorption in many marine animals every summer in Maine for 40 years.  Comparative physiology gave him particular insight into the roles of carbonic anhydrase in humans, especially the secretion of cerebrospinal fluid.  In the mid-1970s, Dr. Maren returned to his early work on glaucoma medication, convinced that carbonic anhydrase inhibitors could be applied topically to the eye.  He thus laid the groundwork for the development of topical glaucoma medications including Trusopt® (dorzolamide), and Cosopt ®  (dorzolamide hydrochloride-timolol maleate).  He is perhaps best known for this groundbreaking research on topical glaucoma medications, which preserve the sight of millions.

While at UFCOM, Dr. Maren was committed to education.  He developed the medical pharmacology curriculum for second year students and a clinical therapeutics course for senior students.  His lectures were studded with literary allusions, such as the influence of opiates on Samuel Coleridge in writing Kubla Kahn.  Princeton University granted Dr. Maren a Master’s degree in English Literature fifty years after the fact so that he might teach a survey course for medical students on English literature.  Dr. Maren wished to give medical students the opportunity to develop a love of literature.  The Maren Reading Room enables students to learn about great literature and the history of the profession of medicine. 

Agency Note:  Some materials pertain to Dr. Maren’s earlier tenure at Merck as well as his medical school days.  Most covers his time at the UF-COM from 1955-1999.

Contents note:  Collection contains school notebooks and lecture notes, as well as extensive correspondence files, notes on research projects and manuscripts, diaries and notes on trips, slides and tapes from a trip to China, history files and non-science manuscripts, information and correspondence on patents. 

Box 1

Box 2
Pharmacology 1, Research 1947
Thyroid, Post Pituitary, April 1948
Pharmacology Book 4, Posterior Pituitary, Ascorbic Acid p. 130
Antihistimine, Art. Fever, November 1, 1949
Book 6, Dogs-Rabbit Renal, Mice obese
Write-ups for experimental Labs 

Box 3
Gross Anatomy Notebook
Physiology Lab and Lectures, 1946-1947
Surgery, Radiology, Obstetrics, 3rd Year 

Box 4
Hopkins Notes
Pathology Notebook
Bacteriology and Parasitology Notebook 

Box 5
Pharmacology and DFD, 1969
DFD Walter Reed, 1969
DFD, Malaria, 1969
Malaria, DFD
Malaria, Hopk Class
Chemotherapy of Filiariosis
Annual Progress Report, Contract No. DA-49-193-MD-2947, Department of the Army
Manual for the Microscopical Diagnosis of Malaria in Man
Lecture – Trypanosomes
Filariasis (Recent) Parasites
Chemotherapy of Filariasis 

Box 6
Notebooks- temporarily on display in Thomas H. Maren Medical Student Reading Room 

Box 7
Allergan, 1981-1986
Pharmatec – Cyclodextran Agreement
Eye Grant (Through 3-1-86)
NIH Grant CA B1297
History of CAI
Tables, 1960-Present
Graphs – CA – Present
Glaucoma Reprints
Merck Files – Confidential
Alcon, 1990-1991, Correspondence
Alcon File
Alcon, 1992-1995, Patent 90-96
Grant – Competing Renewal – 1991-1995 

Box 8
E.K. Marshall, Memoir Correspondence
E.K. Marshall, Obit. Material
E.K. Marshall, Family

Box 9
TM – Biography
Maren Biography
Phi Kappa Phi
Maren Biography
Hopkins, Precursor Study
Instructions for New Employees
Lilly Fiasco
Employment – Lilly 

Box 10
Notes on Hopkins Admissions Policies
Program for the Abel Centennial Meeting of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Centenary of the Birth of John Jacob Abel
Collected Reprints of John J. Abel, Volume One, 1888-1908
Flexner, Pharmacology, and the Future
Excerpt from the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine
The Impact of Neurology of 40 Years advances in Pharmacology
History and Highlights of Finnish Pharmacology
The Riddle of Man’s Ancestry
Mayer, Edmund, 1943, Book Review, On Growth and Form
Review:  Biochemistry and Morphogenesis (Joseph Needham)
American Medicine in the Twentieth Century:  Some Personal Insights
History of Medicine:  The Treatment of Syphilis
Hiawathas Lipid
Triazure and Public Drug Policies, By Seymour Shubin
Publications of V. Everett Kinsey, Ph.D.
The Birth of Scientific Pharmacology, By Ilo Kabin
Alfred Newton Richards, 1876-1966, A Biographical Memoir By Carl Schmidt
Urine Formation
A Study of the Acquired Resistance of Fixed Tissue Cells Morphologically Altered through Processes of Repair
T.J. Maclagan and the Treatment of Rheumatic with Salicin
The Introduction of Chloral Hydrate into Medical Practice, By Thomas C. Butler
Francis John Worsley Roughton, 1899-1972, By Q.H. Gibson, F.R.S.
August Wilhelm Hofmann (1818-1892), A.S. Travis
Bulletin of the History of Medicine
Fritz Lipmann:  In memoriam
Medical School Education:  A Student’s Perspective, By Ludwig W. Eichna, M.D.
Accidents in the Pursuit of Knowledge, By Otto Krayer
Development of Concepts in Rochester, New York, in the 1940’s; by Arthur B. Otis and Hermann Rahn
Physiological, Chemical and Clinical Studies on Pituitary Principles, By Dr. John J. Abel
Elements of Pharmacology, by Dr. Oswald Schmiedeberg
Hopkins Medical News, Volume 8, no. 6, Fall 1984
August and Marie Krogh and Respiratory Physiology
John Jacob Abel at Michigan:  The Introduction of Pharmacology in to the Medical Curriculum
John Jacob Abel, A Portrait by Paul D. Lamson
The New England Journal of Medicine, Feb 18, 1983, page 404
Reflections:  Mathematics and Creativity
The 1981 Sollmann Oration, by Avram Goldstein,  “The Three-Dimensional Sturcture of Pharmacology”
The Evolution of Experimental Pharmacology as a biological science:  The Pioneering Work of Buchheim and Schmiedeberg
With Apologies to J. Masefield:  Base Fever

 Box 11
Presidential Address:  William Stewart Halsted – A Profile of Courage, Dedication, and Scientific Search for Truth.  By Daniel B. Nunn, MD
Origins of American Pharmacology
Reflections on Reductionism, By Steven Rose
Dionysians and Apollonians
Reflections on the Pioneers of Neurohumoral Transmission, By George B. Koelle
Sodium-independent Active Transport of Potassium in the Isolated Midgut of the Cecropia Silkworm
Evidence for ‘Electrogenic’ Active Sodium Transport in an Epithelial Membrane, Feb 16, 1963
Kampo Medicine from the Viewpoint of Western Medicine, By E. Leong Way, Ph.D
Hemoglobin and the Origins of th eConcept of Allosterism, By John T. Edsall
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
The Medical Profession and Congenital Malformations (1900-1979)
Some Biophysical Experiments from Fifty Years Ago
Early Danish Contributions to Oxygen and Acid-base Research
Schmiedeberg in Strassburg 1872-1918:  The Making of Modern Pharmacology
The Development of the Physical Chemistry of Proteins, 1898-1940, by John T. Edsall
Some Early History of Cold-Insoluble Globulin, by John T. Edsall
Physical Chemistry at Harvard Medical School:  The First Twenty Years, by John T. Edsall
Anne Bradstreet, the First American Poetess, and her Father, Governor Thomas Dudley
Scientific Basis for the Support of Biomedical Science, Julius H. Comroe, Jr., and Robert D. Dripps
The Introduction of Chloral Hydrate into Medical Practice, by Thomas C. Butler
Chemical Structure and Pharmacological Action:  A chapter in the History of 19th Century Molecular Pharmacology.  By William F. Bynum
Obstetric Anesthesia  and Concepts of Placental Transport:  A Historical Review of the Nineteenth Century, By Donald Caton, M.D.
Letter to Dr. Maren
Annals of Anesthetic History, Obstetric Anesthesia:  The First Ten Years, By Donald Caton, M.D.
The Apology of a Second Class Man, by Horace W. Davenport
Historical Records of Scientific Activity:  The Survey of Sources for the History of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, By John T. Edsall and David Bearman
Aspects of the History of Biochemistry, by John T. Edsall
The Outsider, by John Archibald Wheeler
Life of a Biochemist
Tribute to Dr. V. Everett Kinsey
David Keilin, 1887-1963
Valdemar Henriques, 19 April 1864- 4 December 1936
Jones, Charles Colcock
David A. Karnofsky Memorial Lecture:  Thoughts on Chemical Therapy
Verities In Medical Education Prefatory Address, by Ludwig W. Eichna, M.D.
Scientific Evidence versus Therapeutic Demand:  The Introduction of the Suflfonamides Revisited, By Barron H. Lerner, M.D.
Some Aphorisms on Research and Writing
Experiments concerning the Question of Secretion of Phenolsulphonephthalein by the Renal Tubule, By A.N. Richards and John B. Barnwell.
Biographical Memoir of John Jacob Abel, 1857-1938; By WM. DeB. MacNider
Warren Harmon Lewis, 1870-1964;  A Biographical Memoir by George W. Corner
The Presentation of a Portrait of Dr. Phillip Bard, June 17, 1971
The Story of Penicillin:  The View from Oxford in the Early 1950’s, by Wlofgang K. Joklik
Micropuncture Study of the Mammalian Urinary Concentrating Mechanism:  Evidence for the Countercurrent Hypothesis.
Roughton Biography
Historical Note:  Methemoglobinemia—Long Ago and Far Away, by Quentin Gibson
Some Notes on the Roughton Family of Kettering by Professor F.J.W. Roughton
George Scatchard, 1892-1973.  A biographical memoir by John T. Edass and Walter H. Stockmayer
Theodore Shedlovsky, 1898-1976, A Biographical Memoir by Raymond M. Fuoss
Notes on the Foundations of Basic Science at the John Hopkins School of Medicine
The life and death of laboratory teaching of medical physiology:  A personal narrative
J.H. Burn:  An appreciation
Carbonic Anhydrase and its inhibitors (including Sulfonamides); Benzothiadiazices and Furosemide
The Business of Discovery in the Medical Sciences, by Charles B. Huggins, M.D.
Brass Plaque Commemorating Francis Roughton
History of Physiology Department at University of Florida, By Arthur B. Otis
Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy:  Forty Years of Molecular Modification
Introduction to Special Number, American Journal of Insanity, containing Addresses at     Opening of the Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic;  The purpose of the Psychiatric Clinic;  Closing Remarks
Masters of Medicine by J. Arthur Meyer;  Department of Pharmacology
The Chemotherapy of Tuberculosis:  Including the Use of Sterptomycin
From the Mountains to the Labs:  A brief Summary of the People and their Studies on which Rests most of what we Know Today
Paracelsus:  Founder of Medical Chemistry
Pathological Science:  Langmuir, December 18, 1953
Yellow Fever Epidemic in Gainesville
Ephedrine and Related Substances, by K.K. Chen and Carl F. Schmidt
Centenary of the Birth of John Jacob Abel (4 copies)
Philip Bard 1898-1977
Otto Krayer 1899-1982  A biographical memoir by Avram Goldstein (3 copies)
Gerty Theresa Cori 1896-1957  A biographical memoir by Joseph Larner
Some Personal History and Reflections from the Life of a Biochemist  By John T. Edsall
Francis John Worsley Roughton 1899-1972  By Q.H> Gibson, F.R.S.
Stephen Polyak, M.D.  1889-1955
Some Historical Reflections on Drug Metabolism  by Thomas C. Butler, M.D.
To What Extent are the Physiological Effects of Carbon Dioxide due to Hydrogen Ions?
Theories of General Anesthesia, by Thomas C. Butler
Partition Coefficients, by Lewils L. Engel and Priscilla Carter
Homer William Smith 1895-1962
The Ontogenesis of One Physiologist
Program for the Dedication of the Homer W. Smith Laboratory at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
Biographical Memoir of John Jacob Abel by WM. DeB. MacNider
John Jacob Abel, A Portrait, by Paul D. Lamson
Post Card from Horace Davenport
The Life and Death of Laboratory Teaching of Medical Physiology by Horace W. Davenport
Masters in Gastroenterology, Volume 4 No. 2 
Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Student Seminar
How to succeed in a Research without Being a Genius 

Box 12
Junior Honors, 1976-1980
Junior Honors, 1981-1982
Junior Honors, 1983-1985
Junior Honors, 1896-1987-1988
Junior Honors, 1989
Junior Honors, 1991-1995
1990, Junior Honors, Pharmacology
1992, Junior Honors, Pharmacology
1996, Junior Honors, Pharmacology
1997, Junior Honors
Junior Honors, 1998
1998 Junior Honors
Junior Honors, 1999 

Box 13
Literature Course
American Literature, 1993
Literature Course, English and American
Literature Course 192 

Box 14
Report on Preclinical Medical Education, 1956
Medical Education – Report on Trip to Europe to study Medical Education
Curriculum Com. – Letters of General Info
Minutes/Ideas – Letters on Curriculum:  ROC
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Curriculum)

 Box 15
MDIBL, 1953-1966
Maren Symposium, MDIBL, June 1997
Centennial, 1998, MDIBL
MDIBL History
MDIBL History
Mt Desert Notes 

Box 16
Class Records, Early 1960’s
Class of 1960-1961, Pharm. Class Distribution 

Box 17
Green, Pharmacology, Sinai, 1996
Pharmacology and Pharmaceuticals
Chemotherapy History
Pharmacology Dept. History
History:  Pharmacol Industry

Box 18
Human Subjects
University of Florida History
UF History
Florida – 20 Years
COM – Dept. Biochem
COM Project one

 Box 19
Symposium – TM, Bar Harbor, 1989
Vancouver Symposium, Drane Book, 1953
London Drug Symposium, 1973
Benzon Symposium III, 1970Benzon Symposium IV, 1971
Australia Symposia, 1980-1983 

Box 20
Nat Flux, 1962
Dog Liver, 1945
MS 222, 1968
Bohn Effect, Summer 1976
Alkalosis, 1959
CA – Gastric Secretions, 1959
Obese Mice, 1951
Noble Gases, 1936
Cushing’s Disease, 1953
Wallace Lab- Unfubushed Mss
HK Atpase
Early CS research
Early Bohn Stuff
1964-1965, Sears Olson Plots
MS 222 

Box 21
Eye, Schoenwald Group
International Eye Meeting, 1984, (Spain – Berlin)
Eye Penetration
Timolol – Vogit, 1988, Flow and Nat
Aqueous Flow
Adelhauser Cornea
Edelhauser Cornea, 1983-1988
Aqueous Humor Penetration Calc. – General
Eye Grant, Competing Renewal, 1986-1991

 Box 22
CA Renal
Valfin Chapters and Renal Acidification
CO2  Equilibria in Kidney, Kidney Int. 7/27/78
Renal NH4+ loss, Atkinson and Burke
COE – Nephrology and Urinalysis
Old Alkolosis-misc. Nechay expts.
Aminophylline – Naqua Paper:  New Orleans Talk
Drug Effects on Renal Excretion – Schering, Feb. 1971
Chlorothiazide – Schering 6040
Dose Acetazolamide – Renal
Nephritis:  Co-report:  Diamox #11
Renal Pathology
CO2 Diffusion
Defects in RTA due to Def. of  C.A.?
RTA Study – Renal Tubular Acidosis
Renal Handling of CA – Silbernagl, Sarasota 1986
Smith Symposium 

Box 23
Shark Kinetic Curves – 1978
Inhibition Data In Vitro (37o)
CA Inhibitors – Eye
Computing Flow Dependency in eye
Carbonic Anhydrase inhibition
Synthetic Carbonic Anhydrase
A. Burgen Lecture 1992; Kinetics Drug Enzyme
Tables – Chem – NaHCO3
Carbonic Anhydrase:  It’s Properties, Distribution and Significance for Carbon Dioxide Transport, by H. Van Goor
Physiological Basis for the Action of Newer Diuretic Agents, by Karl H. Beyer and John E. Baer
Chapter 3:  Carbon Dioxide
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibition and Physiological Function, by Horace W. Davenport
The Blood-Brain Barrier, by Hugh Davson
Chapter 43:  Carbonic Anhydrase, by F.J.W. Roughton and A.M. Clark
The Use of Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors in Ophthalmology and Clinical Medicine
Evolution and Regulation of the Carbonic Anhydrase Isozymes
Genetics of the Mammalian Carbonic Anhydrases, By Richard E. Tashian
Velocity of CO2 Exchange in Muscle and Liver, by Gerolf Gros and S. Dodgson
Molecular Genetics of Carbonic Anhydrase Isozymes
Biochemical Review, Carbonic Anhydrase:  Update and New Horizons
Mechanisms of active H+ secretion in the proximal tubule, by Peter Aronson
Effects of Diuretics on Renal Transport of Potassium, by Gehard Giebisch
Tubular Transport of Amino Acids and Small Peptides, by Stefan Silbernagl
Renal Acidification Mechanisms, by Alpern, Warnock, and Rector
Rapid Communication:  Invertebrate Red Blood Cell Carbonic Anhydrase
Multiple Functions of Carbonic Anhydrase in the Crustacean Gill, by Raymond Henry
The Effects of Drugs on Enzyme Systems, by F. Edmund Hunter, Jr., and Oliver Lowry
Topical Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors, by Eve J. Higginbotham, MD
Review:  Carbonic Anhydrases, by Harold F. Deutsch
Chapter 33:  Carbonic Anhydrase, by Robert P. Davis
Chapter 23:  Distribution and Functions of Carbonic Anhydrase in the Gastrointestinal Tract, by Erik R. Swenson
Review Article:  Recent Research into the Nature of Cerebrospinal Fluid Formation and Absorption, by J. Gordon
McComb, M.D.
Multiple Roles of Carbonic Anhydrase in Cellular Transport and Metabolism, by Raymond Henry
Role of Anions and Carbonic Anhydrase in Epithelia, by D.S. Parsons
Transport of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide, by F.J.W. Roughton 

Box 24
Innsbruck Data – CA 1973
Eveloff, Swenson, and Maren, 1977-1978, CA
CA, Work Rate Constants
Substrates for CA
Maren Symposium, MDIBL, CA
Plant Evolution of Carbonic Anhydrase
Carbonic Anhydrase – DDT insecticides
Carbonic Anhydrase, Diuretic Effects
L662-5 Series 667-1186-87, Merck Correspondence regarding Testing
58-65 MDIBL Notes and Abstracts
Brom, Acetazolam,   DE
Summary of Antipyretics work
Cinchonic Acid – Inflammation
Drug Pharmacology
Tables – Comp. Acidosis

 Box 25
Early Ocular CA – Literature
Mouse CA Kimberly Hess
Polymer Chemistry/Polymer bound CA 1993-1995
6/21/75 Physiol Events involving Carbonic Anhydrase
CA inhib X Lack of Renal Resp., 1957
CA Inhibition VII, 1957, Aug of Renal
CA Inhib, 1X Comp of Renal Resistance, 1958
CA Inhibition VIII, Aug. of Renal, 1958
Vulgar Errors in the Use of CA Inhibitors
Urodele MDIBL, 1981, MS
Hagfish CA Primitive Enzyme 

Box 26
Competitive Inhibition – Enzyme and Drug
Carbonic Anhydrase Seminars, 1985-1987, Sarasota, Hoechst, Nephrology, Louisville, Richmond, Residents Rounds in Biology of Disease
Misc. Ellison Testing Notes, Kidney Tubule Volume
Pancreatic and Gastric Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors:  DIAMOX
“Weird Sisters” Osteopetrosis Syndrome and Carbonic Anhydrase Deficiency
Misc. Kinetic Notes – Liebman and Weir
Musc. Studies:  Maine 1959-1960
Paper and Notes:  Stockholm
Drafts and Charts for in Vivo inhibition study
Notes for RBC Paper
Red Blood Cell Saturation by Diamox and Sulfonamides, Maren, Rab, Palmer
Work with E.J. Ballintine:  Carbonic Anhydrase:  eye
BALT 57 Paper – Loweing CSF pressure in Hydrocephalis
DIAMOX:  Gen. Notes on 6063 Research
Notes:  Red Blood Cell Paper
Diamox:  Teratology Studies

Box 27
Reduction of AG. Humor Sec. By Top. CA Inhibitor
CA – Chemistry, Phys, Inhib, 1967
Rate Constant Theory, Lit, Steiglitz, Laid Ler letters, Taylor
Upsala, Holland 1982 Topical CA Inhibitors
Forster Symposium 1976, Effect of C.A. Inhibition on ion equilibrium in S. Acanthias
S. Acanthias Paper II, Work Charts Osmolarity
CO2 Effects of Carbonic Anhydrase – Abstracts 1957-1958
Lidia Jankowska Manuscript, Effect of CA Inhibition on muscle CO2 transport during contractions
Muscle CA Inhibition and Kinetics, Fall 1980
Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis Data
Hyperkalemia Periodic Paralysis, Hoskins – Notes
Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis Notes
Charlottesville, 1984, Carbonic Anhydrase and CA Inhibitors
Angle, Nov. 1958, Topical CA Inhibitors
Misc. Inhibitors in Man and Rat

 Box 28
Talks, 1968-1970, CA Model System, Kidney
CA Lectures, 1972-1978
Talks, 1985-1989
Sarasota 1976, NY 1976- Talks
Europe, 1977- General Activity
Reick Lecture, Oct. 12, 1979;  Penn State, Feb 13, 1980
Wurzburg – General CA Talk, 1982, Siubgrnagl Calc. 

Box 29
Morphine (1)
Morphine (2)
Morphine (3)

 Box 30
Talks, 1978-1979
Hannover, 1981
Gill 1985, Talks on Comp. H+
Banff, 1986
London, December 1989
Louisville, 1989
S-N Symposium – Muscle Titra, 1986-1989 Maine 1989 Neph.
Talks, Chicago, Uppsolo, 1990
Arvo 90 pH paper, Brechve and Maren
Fanous Exp, 1992
Papers Delivered, 1992
1998-Arnost Talk

 Box 31
Theoretical and Exotic
CA Inhibition VIII, IX, X, AM Cyanamid, 1958
CA Inhibition VIII, AM Cyanamid, 1957
Swenson and Maren, Paper – Roughton Equation
TU and CA, Maine, Miami, Cambri DGG
MDIBL Research, 192-92, CA inhib
CA Inhib, Egg shell
MDIBL – CSF Volume, Squalus, Blue dye
Onter 1972, Squalus, FUU IDS
Big Eye, Squalus, 73-74, Data cclc
22 Na+ Accession
CA in the Kidney 

Box 32
Clinical Study, Becker, 1976
Red Cell – Maren and Couto Paper, 1979
Rectal Gland
Inhibition of AS and Certain in Vitro analysis
Drug Effects on Cerebral Spinal Fluid Production
Nicotine and Temperature
Old Notebook Pages
Analytical Experimentation
L- 649, 522; L- 649, 473  (F for OH)
Triflourmethazolamide (TFM)
Data and Graphs and Calc.  0o-37o, Kinetics; Not Inhib.
Enzyme Test
Summer 1961, Raw Data
Acetazolamide and Calc., Ethoxolamide and Chlorzolamide
Summer 1960, Raw Data
Temperature Expts. – Pyromen
Maine 57-60, Aq. – Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Raw Summaries
W-2354 – 1969-70, Inflammatory 

Box 33
MIDBL Abs,  68, Broder – CSF Fish Cat.
CSF Notes 77-78, J. App Phys.
Cheng Sayes Goodman Swingard-Hypothalamus of Rats, 1950
Roma, London, Spolere, Louisville, CRS Talks
Hypercapnia Fish, 71-72, CSF
Old Lit.- Pituitary and Hypothalamus 

Box 34
Wallace – Patent 60-69
CA Inhib Patent:  Chem. Various CPDS
Merck Patents
Non-Merck Patents
US Patents (THM)
Patent and Thedphyline and HC Schering
Wallace Patent Negotiations
Heart-Lung Grant
Alkang Patents 

Box 35
Diflusional Study
1946 Solusti Bosan (SP?)
48, Mapharsge
Angsthetics:  General and Local
Triflouromethyl Compounds
Antipyretics and Analgesia Lecture
Cinchonic Acids – Literature
Renal Drugs – Steroids
Drug Distribution and Excretion
Drug Activity-Physical Principles
Drug Activity Paper, Maren/Wiley
Chemotherapy – Antibiotics
TBC and 13084, 1949-1953
Antipyretic Activity of Cinchoninic Acid
Sulfone Papers
Chemotherapy – Parasites, TBC and Cancer

Box 36
Merck, Feb 1987
Merck Test A-F, 3/85
Merck November 85, General; 405, 073
Merck Data on L-652, 690 and L- 653, 760
Merck and Trusopt Reprints-Basic Sci. (Folder #1)
Merck and Trusopt Reprints – Clinical
Merck and Trusopt Reprints – Basic Sci. (Folder #11)
Merck L 658-259
Merck 1987 Summary Letters to Friedman
1987-Merck Correspondence, Mar.-Dec.
Merck Corresp – US/France, 1981-1986
Merck Paper on Some Graham
Merck Sharp and Dohme, 1957-1997 

Box 37
650, -719 Benzothoiophenes Merck
Misc Compounds – Merck
927-Drug Distribution-Eye, 93-94
L 654, 230
Merck, 1981, General
Merck Compound Lists:  Data, 1981-1986 

Box 38
Cyanamid-CA essays and chemistry
American Cyanamio/Storz Division
Benzolamide Bibl-General Info, 1967-1974
Cyanamid History
Cyanamid-Correspondence, 1993
Trip Reports-Cyanamid
IOP Cyanamid
Cyanamid Compounds
Grant-American Cyanamid/Storz Div. 

Box 39
Maren-China Trip Tapes (# 1&2)  1)  Tokyo-Hong Kong  2)  Hong Kong-PRC 3)Canton 6/1-6/2, Peicing 6/3-6/5  4)  Peking 6/5-6/7
Maren China Trip Tapes (#3-4), 5)  Peking 6/8-6/11 6)Peking –Tien Su-Shanghai 6/11-6/14.  7)  Shanghai 6/14-6/16.  8)  Shanghai6/16, Nanking 6/17-18, Shanghai 6/19-20
Maren China Trip Tapes (#5&6)  9) Shanghai, 6/20, 10) Canton6/24, HK  End also letter to L.L. and Instructions
Maren China Trip Tapes (#7)  Final 
China Slides 
A personal Diary of a Trip to the People’s Republic of China in June, 1974, by T.H. Maren 

Box 40
China, Reprints and Ref.
China Trip, 1974 Talk
China Trip, 1974 Committee-Herbal Pharmacology Delegation
China Trip, 1974 Report-Burns
China Trip, 1974 Report-Farusworth
China Trip 1974 Report-Kupchan
China Trip 1974 Working Report Supplement on Pharm Test and Procedures-Maren
China Trip-1974 Report Meinwald
China Trip-1974 Report Modell
China Trip-1974 Report-Pettit
China Trip 1974 Report-Schwartz
China Trip 1974 Report-Tsuchitani
China Trip 1974 Report-Wakeman
China Trip 1974 Report-Way 

Box 41
China Trip-1974-Misc. Info
China Trip-1974-Diary Draft
China Trip-Correspondence-1973-1976 

Box 42
CSF Flow Data-Vogh
Vogh CSf Notes-1974
CSF Notes
Plasma and CSF
Metabolism-permeability CSF
Effect of Hypercapnia on CSF HCO3

 Box 43
iliariasis, Baltimore trip 1951

 Box 44
Diuretics/Renal Excretion Teaching
Lakeside Diuretic Reiview
Diuretic  Chapter 

Box 45
Robins, 1987-89
A.H. Robins Res-87-88
Hoechst, 1986
Wallace Labs
Robins Co, 1988-1989
Carbonic Anhydrase-Ledgrle, 1980
Smith Klein and French Benza, Ethox, Diamox
Trusopt Corresp.
Lederle Research, 1974-77
Lederle Labs, Ind. Per. Paralysis, 1966-1986

 Box 46
ed Blood Cell Paper
Red Cell/Trusopt/Dorz
Aqueous PCO2
Daily Rat Measurements, 1949
Dog Balance Data:  EKG
Frankfurt 1984, Al ions and CSF, Al+++
74-78, pH-NaHCO3:PCO
Ion Pairs Literature
Ion Pairs Literature
Anion Notes, 1978
Giles, Filley, Butler, pH Gradients, Blood, Gas
Acid Base
Maren-Friedland-Rittmaster, Final MS 

Box 47
Southern Salt, Water and Kidney Club
Southern Salt, Water and Kidney Club-History
Cinchonic Acid
Misc. Diuretic
Berliner Ch. 66 in the Kidney

 Box 48
Hydrocephalus-(Jelks), 1959-1962, Robinson
Hydrocephalic Talks-Duplicate Patient Material
Diamox-Cerebral Dynamics Study
Diamox:  Effect of C.A. Inhib. In K Exchange in Human RBS’s-Hoskins, Jarrell, Maren
Diamox:  Hg, CO, Rep.10
Diamox:  Carbonic Anhydrase:  Central Nervous System
Diamox Data:  (Stamford) Unpublished Man
Unpublished Data on Diamox:  Rabbits
Unpublished Data on Diamox:  Rats
N5 Diamox Derivatives
Unpublished Talks:  DAMOX THM
Chemical and Analytical Data (DIAMOX)
Clin. And Exp. Epilepsy DIAMOX only
Early Reports-DIAMOX, 1952-1956
DIAMOX:  Early work Reprints
Unpublished Data on Diamox:  Dogs

 Box 49
npublished Electrolyte Diamox
Schwartz-Diamox exp.
Diamox Homologues
Pharmacokinetics Diamox
C.S.F. Data-Jelks and Wiggins

 Box 50
Ethoxzolamide Data Exp. Eye Res. Paper
Beth Hoskins Corr. Hyperkalemic Disease-Acetazolamide
Ethoxzolamide in vivo (Bar-Ilan)
Chemical Structure Slides
Sulfonamide Pharmacology
13494:  Sulfonamide
3/5/61:  Sulfonamide
Sulfonamides Antibacterial Reprints, 1983 Lecture
Chemotherapy-Sulfonamides type SO2N+

 Box 51
Ethoxzolamide Paper, 1980
Sulfonamides-Kinetics, 1983
Sulfonamide Research 1980-85 (Volume I of II)
Sulfonamide Res. 1980-1985 (Volume II of II)

Box 52
Benzolamide 11,366 From 1963-66
Benzolamide and related topics-Strassbarg Data
Subacute Toxicity Study with a Benzolamide-Theophylline Combination in Dogs
Benz. And Salicylate
Summer 1995 Maine Benzolamide
FDA Benzolamides
Sterling-Winthrop Research Benzolamide
11,366 Pathological
Wallace, 11,366 from 1967 testing (Benzolamide)
Benzolamide, 1962
Methyl Benzolamide
FDA and Canadian-FDD material benzolamide Clinical Summaries-Wallace 

Box 53
Methazolamide Analogies C series 1985
Old Pharm-Meth, Acet.
Methazolamide Pharm.  ’81-’88? 

Box 54
FLA. History of Glaucoma
Acidosis-Human and Eye
Topical CA inhibitors for Glaucoma-Timoptic

 Box 55
Hopkins Distinguished Alumnus award
John Hopkins Scholar 1971
Alcon Research Award 1989
Oppelt Award
Faculty Award for Research
Weicker Award Correspondence
Lasker Award

 Box 56
Willard Thorp-History of Princeton
John Hopkins Medical School
“Cat” Talk
Norse Explorations
Opium-Coleridge, deQ, Johnson
Wilson, Edmund

 Box 57
Acetazolamide and Hyperkalemia 1974
Glucose Metabolism and Acetazolamide induced Teragenesis (Ellison)
Acetazolamide-Cataract and Red Cell Binding 1961
Acetazolamide and Hydrocephalus
Acetazolamide and amloride VI Jpet, 1971
Bar Harbor Teratology, 1972
Beth II
Dinsmore and Amphibia
Acetazolamide-Data, Curves and Tables farm colony 1958 and 1959
Acetazolamide and pseudo-tumors

 Box 58
Hall HCO3-Method Endolymph
Endolymph Squalus Calc. Graphs 1974
Endolymph and Meniers

 Box 59
Mt. Sinai Work, 1979-1982
Uppsala, 1977
Correspondence etc.  1947-1953
Correspondence 1951-1952
Correspondence-Personal and FLA, 1955
Letters from Friends and Family while Attending: Ophthamology Congress-Brussels (Sept. 1958)
European Trip-Jan 1972
European Trip-Jan 1973

 Box 60
Merck, Data, Corr. 1985-1986
651461 Benzothiopheves, Merck
Merck Corres. And Misc, 1980-1990
Merck Correspondence, 1987-1990
Merck Correspondence, 1992-1995

 Box 61
 Misc, 1961-1975
A 1978-1985
Addink, A 1974
Alcon 1980
Allergan 1987-1990
B Misc 1962-1979
B 1967-1998
Baker, Stephen 1991-1997
Barany, Arnst, 1957-1990
Bar-Ilah, A. 1988-1998
Bentley, Peter. 1981-88
Becker, Bernard, 1957-1992
Botre, Claudio and Francesco, 1988-1998
Berger (Personal Material) and Papers, 1960-1970
Berger, Frank, 1972-95
Boylan Obit-1992
Bradbury, Michael, 1980-81
Burgen, A. 1963-1991
Burnett, Charles, 1967
Butler, James N. 1984-86

 Box 62
C-Cl 1982-1995
Cm-Cz, 1981-1996
Cade, Robert-Poems, 1997
Case, Maynard, 1979-1998
Clark, Dennis Cor. 1981
C Mise
Clark, Dennis, 1982
Clark, Dennis, 1983
Clark, Dennis, 1984
Clark, Dennis Corr.  1985
Clark, Dennis-1986-1987
Chiov, George 1981-1995
Cluff, Leighton 1965-1995
Coe, Frederick 1990-1993
D 1985-1998
D Misc. 

Box 63
Davson, Hugh 1957-1997
Davson Symposium 1989
Deal, Will 1981-1988
Dodgson, Susanna 1978-1995
College of Medicine-Dean Correspondence
Dragstedt, Carl Poems
Edelhauser, Henry F. 1969-1998
Edsall, John T. 1961-1982
English, Jackson P. 1957-1991
F Misc. 1956-1967
E Misc 1971-1998
F-Fl 1983-1996
Fm-Fz 1978-1999
Famous, Maher 1991-1998
Giles, F. Filley 1973-1989
Fishman, Alfred P. 1962-1984

 Box 64
Forster, Robert E. 1962-1998
Fregly, Melvin 1996
Freund, Gerhard (VA Hospital) 1970-1997
Friedland, Beth 1974-1996
G Misc. 1956-1979
G-Gl 1980-1998
Gm-Gz 1979-1997
Giebisch, Gerhard 1972-1989
Godman, David R. 1988-1994
Goldstein, Avram 1981-1993
Goldstein, Leon 1965-1995
GAP 1996

Box 65
Gyory, AZ 1971H Misc 1956-1979
H-Hl 1980-1999
Hm-Hz 1980-1998
Harrell, G. T. 1955
Harrell, G.T 1955-1998
Henry, Raymond 1980-1997
Higginbotham, Eve 1988-1989
Hogben, A. 1964-66
Holbrook, Karen A.  1994-1997
Hoskins, Beth 1972-1982
I Misc. 1982-1999
Istin, M. 1971
Ito, Susumu 1979-1983
J Misc. 1980-1999

 Box 66
Jankowska, Lidia 1981-1987
K Misc. 1957-1981
K-Kj 1981-1994
Kl-Kz 1980-1997
Correspondence, Alan Katritzky 1982-1987
Kaufman, Herbert 1966-1985
Khalifah, Raja
King Patricia
King, Rodney 1971-1992
Kinng, Rolf 1988-1989
Klein, Donald F., MD

Box 67
Krupin, Theodore
Correspondence “L” 1958-1987
Correspondence “L” 1987-1990
Lacy, Eric R.
Langford, Herbert C.
Langham, Maurice 1956-1959
Lasagna, Louis, M.D.
Laties, A 1989-1990
Liljas, Anders
Dr. Sven Lindskog
Lippincott, Lincoln
Lockhart, Madelyn

Box 68
M-N-O Misc. 1964-1971
Dr. Gerhard Malnic
Maumenee, Edward (Dr.)
Misc. Correspondence Mc
Misc. Correspondence M-Ml
Mittag, Thomas W.
Merz, Dr. Kenneth, Jr.
Modell, Jerome H.
Misc. Correspondence N
Nechay, B.

Box 69
Neims, Allen H.
Dr. Ernst A Noltmann
Notelovitz, Morris, M.D.
Misc. Correspondence O
Walt Oppelt Memorial Scholarship
Oppelt, W. Walter
Oppelt, W. Walter
P-Q-R 1962-1977
Correspondence P-Pl

Box 70
Correspondence Pm-Pz
Page, Dr. Irvine H.
Palmer, Roger E.
Pathology Review 1954-55
Correspondence-Donald Price 1983-1995
“R” Correspondence
Richard Randall
Floyd Rector Correspondence 1960-1986
Reynolds, Dr. Richard
Richardson-Merrell Correspondence 1967
Richardson-Merrell 1969-1971
Richardson-Merrell, 1972
S 1966-1976

Box 71
Correspondence S-Sh 1965-1999
Correspondence Sl-So
Correspondence Sp-Sz
Correspondence Gautam Sanyal
Schmidt-Nielson, Knut 1958-1978
Correspondence George J. Schwartz
Schwartz, William 1956-1978
Schwartz Bioresearch 1956-1970
Correspondence Marvin Sears
Irving Segal

Box 72
Correspondence John W. Severingham
Sewing, K, 977
Correspondence Stefan Silbernagl
Correspondence David Silverman
Correspondence William Sly
Sprague, James 1962-63
Correspondence Claudiu Supuran
Dean Suter 1964-1967
Swenson, Erik 1977
T 1962-1979

Box 73
Correspondence T. 1979-1996
Correspondence Erik Swenson
Correspondence Paul Talalay
Correspondence Richard Tashian
Brian Taschner
Edward Taylor
Correspondence U
U and V Misc 1966-1979
Correspondence Carl Ullrich
Correspondence Borje Uvnas
Correspondence V
Correspondence Betty P. Vogh

Box 74
W-X-Y-Z 1956-1979
Correspondence W-Wh Misc
Correspondence Wl-Wz Misc.
Correspondence William Waddell
Way, E. Leong 1995-1996′
Corresp I.M. Weiner
Correspondence Gerhard Werner

Box 75
Correspondence Arnold Welch
Correspondence re Dr. James G. Wilson, Children’s Hosp. And Wilson eulogy
Wistrand, P. 1964-1965
Correspondence Per Wistrand
Correspondence X,Y.Z
Correspondence Thom J. Zimmerman

Box 76
National Board of Medical Examiners 1960-1969
National Board 1976-1984
Hopkins Alumni Educators
AMSP 1970’s-1999 (Association for Medical School Pharm.)

Box 77
Ethoxzolam, De-Inhibition of Gastric Acid Secretion 1976-77
Trichlormethazolimide 1980