Manuscript collection 2- Harrell papers

Manuscript collection #2                                                    George T. Harrell papers

Physical Description:   5.4 linear feet  (13 boxes)Arrangement note: Folders arranged in boxes generally by subject, except for box #13 which contains recent materials from Dr. Jean Lester Bennett, UF-COM, class of 1960 including photographs and correspondence.

Biographical Note:  Dr. George T. Harrell, born 1908, died August 26, 1999.  Began work in Gainesville as UF-COM founding dean in 1954, although he earlier served on the Advisory Committee for the Health Center Study.  He resigned from the College of Medicine in 1964 and moved to Pennsylvania to become founding dean of Milton S. Hershey’s Medical Center at Pennsylvania State University.  He retired from Hershey in 1973 and moved to North Carolina where he pursued research on Osler.  His research interests were in infectious disease and he did extensive work on Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Agency note:  Materials in collection include professional papers and papers related to the UF-COM- founded by Harrell in Gainesville, Florida and opened for students in 1956.  Also material from Dr. Harrell’s earlier tenure at Bowman Gray.Contents note: Contains research materials on infectious diseases, especially Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Also many files from Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies and some institutional files from Bowman Gray.

Box 1
American College of Physicians – Fall 1949
American College of Physicians – 1952-53
American Medical Association – Atlantic City, 1947
American Society for Clinical Investigation – 1947-51, “Young Turks”
Bowman Gray School of Medicine Advisory Committee – 1945
Bowman Gray Functional Nurses Station – 1950-52
Graylyn Medical Center Requirements for Departments
Graylyn Medical Center Planning for Diagnostic Clinic – 1950
Graylyn Medical Center Suggestions for space for Medical Service
Bowman Gray School of Medicine Report on first 5 Years of operation – 1945
Duke Alumni Meeting – April 1967
Duval Medical Society
Medical College of Virginia Richmond – 1967
National Institute of Health Antibiotics Study Section – 1947
North Carolina Medical Society Meeting – 1944-1950
North Carolina Medical Society – 1952 

Box 2 
ORINS Correspondence – 1949
ORINS Correspondence – 1950
ORINS Correspondence – 1951
ORINS Correspondence – 1952
ORINS Correspondence – 1953
ORINS Correspondence, General
ORINS Board of Directors 16th meeting, 10/23/50
ORINS Board of Directors 17th Meeting – Dec. 18, 1950
ORINS Board of Directors 18th Meeting – March 29, 1951
ORINS Board of Directors 19th Meeting – June 29, 1951
ORINS Board of Directors 21st Meeting – December 14, 1951
ORINS Board of Directors 22nd Meeting – March 31, 1952
ORINS Board of Directors 23rd Meeting – June 16, 1952
ORINS Board of Directors 24th Meeting – October 22, 1952 

Box 3
ORINS Board of Directors 25th Meeting – February 3, 1953
ORINS Board of Directors 26th Meeting – May 8, 1953
ORINS Board of Directors 27th Meeting – October 12, 1953
ORINS Board of Medical Consultants – 1949-51
ORINS Medical Advisory Panel – 11/16/51
ORINS Training Course – February 1950-1951
ORINS Type “E” Consultanships – 1949-1950
Southern Medical Association, Baltimore Meeting  – 1947 (Folder one)
Southern Medical Association, Baltimore Meeting – 1947 (Folder two)
Southern Medical Association – 1948
Southern Medical Association Meeting – 1950
Southern Medical Association – 1953 

Box 4
Wilmington Medical Society – 1946
Winston – Salem Community, Council- Health Resources of City – 1949
Aikawa, Jerry K. Letter with reprints – 1953
Association of Multiple Venous Thrombosis & Carcinoma- 1950-51
Streptomycin Urinary Tract Infections – 1946-47
Swine Anema – 40-41
Weltmann Paper Serum Coagulation – 1945-46
The Immune-Physiology of Serum Sickness
Immunophysiology of serum sickness Human Plasma Fractions Dr. Aikawa
Myxedema – Pericardial Effusion – Correspondence – 1941-43
Myxedema – Pericardial Effusion – Notes & Investigations 

Box 5
Myxedema Reflex Correspondence – 1941, 44-45, 47, 50-52
Myxedema Reflex Notes & Investigations
Myxedema Reflex Tracings
Myxedema Correspondence – 1951-53
Myxedema Notes & Investigations GTH- 1952
Myxedema in North Carolina Medical Journal – Notes and investigation – 1952
Myxedema Speech at Augusta Georgia – April 25, 1952
“Diagnosis and Control of Myxedema” in Modern Medicine – 5/1/52
Ocular Vaccine Correspondence – 1945
Ocular Vaccinia, Effect of Roentgen Ray Therapy – Correspondence & Drafts – 1945-46
Ocular Vaccinia, Abstract in Archives of Internal Medicine – 1947
Ocular Vaccinia, Results of Experiment 1
Ocular Vaccinia, Results of Experiment 2 

Box 6 
Ocular Vaccinia X-Ray Experiment
Ocular Vaccinia, Experimental X-Ray treatments
Ocular Vaccinia, Vaccinia Method VCL
Phthalysulfacetimide – 1951
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – 1945
R.M.S. F. – 1946
RMSF, Correspondence – 1947
RMSF – 1947 – Notes 

Box 7
RMSF – Notes – 1948
RMSF 1949 – 1951
RMSF, “American Practitioner” – 1947
RMSF, “Current Therapy” 1952, article
RMSF, “Liver & Kidney Function in RMSF, Wolff & Harrell ‘49
RMSF Nelson’s loose leaf folder A
RMSF Nelson’s loose leaf folder B
RMSF Nelson’s loose leaf final draft 1950
RMSF Southern Medical Journal – ‘45
RMSF southern Medical Journal (Protein) – 1946
RMSF Effects on Central Nervous System Correspondence – 1952 

Box 8
RMSF Residual Effects of RMSF on the Central Nervous System – Drafts
Effects on Central Nervous System Supporting Material
RMSF Journal of AMA 1944-45
RMSF Treatment with antibiotics, 1952 – 1953
RMSF Chemistry Sareid, 1939-1942
RMSF Carmen Thomas’ Sarcoid (Discussion)
RMSF Generalized Sarceidosis – 6th, Bowan Gray Stu. J., 1945
Generalized Saroid, (Folder 1), 1946-1947
RMSF Generalized Saroid, (folder 11), 1939-1945
RMSF Sarcoid Data
Etiology of Baecks Sarcoid, RMSF, Sardid PPD, Cho, unpub. Cases (Folder one) 

Box 9 
RMSF Sarciod PPD, Che, Unpub. Cases (Folder 11)  1938-1951
RMSF Sarcoid Photographs
RMSF Sarcoids-Geo. Harrell, 1950-52
RMSF J. Check’s Sarcoid, 1945
RMSF Autopsy Sarcoid
RMSF, Streptomycin, Southern Medical Journal, 1946-47
Sodeman, Pathologic Physiology, Drafts, Chapter I & II
Sodeman, Pathologic Physiology Draft, Chapter III
Sodeman, Pathologic Physiology Draft Chapter IV
Sodeman, Pathologic Physiology, final Copies Chapters I-IV
Sodeman, W.A.  Pathologic Physiology  Illustrations Chapt.  22-23
RMSF  Sprue Liver Experiment with Dr. Hanes
Bacterial Edocarditis, Subacute, (Folder I) 

Box 10
Bacterial Edocarditis (Folder II), 1952-1953
RMSF Streptomycin, 1946
Streptomycin follow-ups
Hoeber Book-Treatment of Generalized infection- G.T. Harrell Fall of 1949-1952
Hoeber Book) Infectious Diseases Correspondence, 1948-1950
Hoeber Book – Infectious Diseases, Chapter – Preliminary Drafts
Hoeber Book – Infectious Diseases, Chapter –First Draft
Hoeber Book – Treatment of Infectious diseases – Final Copy. 

Box 11
Trichinosis 5, 1946 notes
Trichinae, Mental vs. TBC folder 1, notes
Trichinae, Mental vs. Tbc. Folder11
RMSF TBC Phagocytosis Vitre
Dix Hill data 8/13-16/46-50
“The Immunophysiology of Trichinosis” Jerry K. Aikawa, George T. Harrell
Trichinosis – autopsy, 1937-38
“Trichinella Skin test in Hospital patients in N.C.”  S.F. Horne & B.T. Harrell, 1943-1944
Trichinella Skin Testing Prison & Orphanage, 1947
Trichinosis for current therapy, 1952
Trichinosis & Tuberculosis Skin reactivity – bkvine-rabbits, 1946-1947
RMSF Tropical Diseases in the returning soldier, 1944-1945
RMSF Tomexan – anticogulant
RMSF Atypical typhoid, 1941 

Box 12
The Role of Guanidine in the Therapy of Myasthnia Gravis, 1945-1947
Harrell, G.T., Bibliographic and Biographic Information
Correspondence Miscellaneous, 1945-53
Harrell, George T., M.D.
Dr. Fearringtkns Typhus patients
Tuberculosis Phosphatide, 1944
Use and Abuse of Chemotherapy Charlotte – 1949
RMSF Miscellaneous Notes
RMSF Miscellaneous Notes and Charts. 

Box 13
Planning Medical Center Facilities, by George Harrell
Harrell, GT UF-Com, Reprinted from JFMA, Sept. 1957
Harrell, GT, The First Years of the UF COM
1954 Harrell, COM-Basic Philosophy
1954 Harrell An Exp. Interdisciplinary Coop
Robert Watson Local Binder
Harrell Obituaries
Harrell Club From Florida Phys.- Winter 1994
Honor Roll from Florida Physician – Winter 1992
Bennett and Harrell with Note
Bennett Harrell Photo with Note (2)
Bennett Note re: Harrell Corres.
Harrell Club Brochure
Harrell-Bennett Correspondence
Bennett Correspondence Re: Spotted Fever Manuscript
Photos-Harrell and J.L. Bennett
Correspondence with Sherman Pace and JL Bennett, 1996